Why does the battery on my phone drain like crazy when I'm at school?

Students and staff alike have noticed their cell phone battery drains more quickly in the new school, often resulting in a very low remaining battery percentage at school day's end.  This is due to three factors:
  1. The building's metal and brick construction shields cellular signals from getting through.  
  2. The location of the nearest cellular towers for this area are distant enough to make a marginal signal hard to penetrate the school's metal frame and bricks.  The poor cellular coverage is especially noticeable on the first floor in the A section, by the high school guidance office, and the technology education classrooms.  
  3. Smart phones are constantly checking for a cell signal.  A low signal and no service drains the battery more quickly.
In these cases, your phone will be warmer than it normally is when it has decent cell reception.
Placing your phone in airplane mode while at school will make a drastic improvement in your phone's battery life.  The only problem with this is you can't make or receive calls or send SMS text messages.  Students shouldn't be using their cell phones for calls or texting during the academic day.  For faculty and staff, you can place your phone in airplane mode, and then turn the wireless back on allowing you to receive iMessages, Google Hangout messages, and email.
Improving the Cellular Signal
The technology department will be investigating ways to improve the cellular reception in the new middle-high school.