How do I use Media Master?

What is Media Master? 
Media Master is a media delivery system that uses the school's network to deliver on-demand video playback from the Media Master Server housed in the new middle-high school as well as from live TV.  It's similar to the cable box found in your house connected to your TV.
Each classroom in the new middle-high school has a Media Master box that connects to the Epson projector.  Teachers use the Media Master web interface to control the projector through Media Master, like a remote control.
How to use Media Master 
If you're a staff member, and you'd like you use Media Master, login to the Media Master page with your computer user name, room number, and password:
Media Master Login  
Once logged in, you will be at the Media Master dashboard.  
Media Master Dashboard  
From the dashboard you can choose from one of the 10,000+ high resolution educational videos from Discovery Education available for playback, as well as dozens of channels from Comcast Xfinity and DirecTV Goes To School.  Clicking on these sources will automatically turn on the projector and start playing them.
If you're looking to use your computer, click the Control TV button toward the bottom left of the dashboard.  
Control TV button
This will bring up what looks like a remote control.
Control TV panel  
Choose either HDMI1 or Doc Cam depending on which of these cables is attached to your computer.  If you're looking to use the Apple TV, choose the Apple TV button.  Clicking these buttons will turn the projector on if it is off and automatically switch to that source.  If your projector is already on, it will switch the projector to this source.  You can also adjust the volume of the project here by clicking either the up or down buttons.