How do I connect to wireless?

There are several facets of this article.
Wireless Coverage in Our Schools 
At our new middle-high school we have 193 wireless access points (WAP); with at least one WAP in each classroom.  This may seem like a lot, however, they are needed to accommodate each student and staff member using a notebook computer.  We do not allow students to connect their personally-owned devices to our wireless network during the academic day.  This helps keeps the wireless network as robust as possible.  At the elementary schools, a WAP is installed in every classroom.  At Alden school, we are assessing the cost of making the Alden gym wireless.
At the new middle-high school there are four wireless networks: Duxbury, Duxbury3, Duxbury Guest, and Duxbury Visitor.  Student MacBooks, iPads, and Kindles connect to Duxbury3.  Teachers may opt to connect to the wireless network "Duxbury."  We will never give out the password for Duxbury3, so please don't ask us for it.  At all of our schools, the Duxbury Visitor wireless network is for visitors invited by school administration.
Duxbury vs. Duxbury3
Duxbury has less content filtering than on Duxbury3.  Duxbury3 has certain content blocked, like Facebook, etc.
Duxbury Guest
An open wireless network named "Duxbury Guest" is available in the middle-high school, but it automatically turns off between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM. It is available all day on Saturdays and Sundays.
For faculty members — Connecting to Duxbury for the first time
Choose Duxbury from the list in the wireless icon in the menu bar.  You will use your computer name and password to connect.  Be very careful entering your user name and password here as entering the wrong password will lead to an unsuccessful connection (if you screw this up you will see an exclamation point in the wireless icon on the Mac — see below).
Your computer will then ask to accept a certificate.  Just fill-in the password field here (no need to change the user name it shows).
On a mobile device, like an iPhone, iPad, or Android, you will connect to Duxbury via the same method described above. 
Prioritizing Duxbury over other wireless networks
Staff may wish to always connect to Duxbury instead of Duxbury Guest.  In order to make this work, click on the wireless icon in the menu bar and choose "Open Network Preferences."  Click the Advanced button.
Find the wireless network called Duxbury from the list.  Click, hold, and drag it to the top of the list of saved wireless networks.  When the Mac turns on (or is awoken from sleep) it will connect to the first wireless network it sees in this list.  So in the future, it will connect to Duxbury.  The one caveat to using Duxbury is that it requires authentication; it doesn't connect fast enough before the computer requests connecting to the server Hubble.  So staff may see an error message about connecting to Hubble when they login.
To prioritize Duxbury on a mobile device, you will want to connect to other school wireless networks and then choose to "forget this network."  When all other school wireless networks are forgotten, choose the Duxbury wireless network.  If you already connected to Duxbury previously, it will automatically re-connect. 
Can't connect to Duxbury?
If you connected to Duxbury in the past but since changed your computer password, or if you cannot connect to Duxbury, it's probably because the password saved in Keychain Access is wrong.  To remedy this problem, go to Spotlight and search for Keychain Access.  Press the return key on your keyboard to open Keychain Access.
Spotlighting for Keychain Access  
Within the search field of Keychain Access, type Duxbury.  Select the one that's kind is 802.1X password.  Press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete it from Keychain Access.  Now re-associate with Duxbury by putting in your correct computer user name and password.
Keychain Access and Duxbury 802.1X
When you are asked to authorize the certificate, you will put in your computer password again (the user name field here can remain untouched — all that's required here is your computer password).
If your seeing an exclamation point through the wireless icon in the menu bar when you're connected to Duxbury please visit the technology help desk in room B104 for assistance.