Who does what?

Gail Callahan, Director of Technology  (Gail’s backup includes David, Ann and Lynne – all take calls and distribute as needed – they also contact me if necessary for a quick response.)
  • Planning
  • Budget
  • Purchasing
  • Manage tech dept. staff
  • Student information system oversight (Aspen)
David Hagan, Network Administrator (Ed and Mike back-up David)
  • Servers
  • Email
  • Internet / Network
  • Create and update images for deployment
  • Research and recommend specs for all hardware and software purchases
Michael Woodford, Junior Network Administrator
  • Assist in the set-up of servers, switches, and firewall rules
  • Email
  • Internet / Network
  • Managing printers
  • Coordinating repairs through GSX
  • Create and update images for deployment  
Ed Scarpino, Technology Specialist
  • Installation and setup of printers, desktop, iPads and notebook computers, and peripherals
  • Inventory
  • Front line: Assist teachers, students, and staff
  • Organize and coordinate repairs
  • ID Badges
Barrett Forish, Help Desk Assistant
  • Help students, staff, and faculty with walk-in requests for help with their MacBooks or iPads
  • Resetting passwords in Active Directory and FirstClass
  • Facilitate the timely repair of warranty and non-warranty repairs through GSX  
Ann Dunleavy, District Registrar (Back-up person Lynne McWilliams, Aspen Help Desk and when appropriate Duxbury DESE SIMS/EPIMS contact.)
  • Verify integrity and accuracy of all data in Aspen
  • Responses to emails and phone calls regarding portal issues
  • Register new families into Aspen
  • Prepare and create quick reports for district and state reports (SIMS and EPIMS)
  • Assist school secretaries with accurate data entry procedures and report generation in Aspen
Lynne McWilliams, Database Administrator (Back-up person Ann Dunleavy, Aspen Help Desk and appropriate Duxbury DESE SIMS/EPIMS contact.)
  • Verify integrity and accuracy of all data in Aspen
  • Work with Aspen on application upgrades and annual roll over
  • Assist staff with Aspen issues i.e. entering grades and manipulating grade book
  • Creates Aspen report templates i.e. report cards, specialized reports as needed 
  • Coordinates with district registrar on district and state reports for (DESE) SCS and EPIMS reports