How can I fix my printing issues?

If you're experiencing printing issues on your Mac, it's best to start by looking at the printer's queue. This will show you what the printer's status is.  Typically if there's an error, the printer will bounce in the dock to alert you that there is a problem.  From time to time jobs may accumulate in the queue without ever actually printing.  This article will explain the steps to resolve most printer issues.
How do I begin troubleshooting on my own?
Go to Printers & Scanners pane of System Preferences.
Apple Menu > System Prefs  
Printers & Scanners Pane  
Click on a printer from the list of configured printers and press the Open Print Queue button.  The printer will appear on your Mac's dock and a window will appear showing the printer's status, and any print jobs in the queue will show here.
Example Printer   Printer in Dock
When you open the printer from the dock, you may see something like this:
Student Printer Queue  
For students and staff in the new middle-high school, please note that all print jobs are running through a print server; therefore, the red arrow above shows the button you'll need to press to authenticate with your computer user name and password. This will allow the job to print to the print server and thus the printer itself.  If you opt to save this password in your keychain, you will not see further prompts for authentication when printing.
If your job is paused, press the Resume button in the toolbar.  Other notices may appear here, such as there are low supplies or there is a printer jam.  In that event, please report these issues to the technology department.