Aspen Troubles?

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The district has been using Aspen as its student information system since 2007.  Aspen is a product of Follett Software Company.  Follett hosts our database in a secure data center off-site.
For Students and Parents: 
Any student or parent who has forgotten their password can click on the I forgot my password link to try to retrieve their password by giving their username and answering the security question. If this doesn't work, you must personally visit the school's Technology Office in the DMS/DHS building and show proof of identity to have your password reset.  This personal visit prevents anyone from calling-in or emailing and claiming to be a parent or guardian or another student.  Student safety, security, and privacy are the district's priority and our legal obligation.
For Faculty:
If you're a faculty member and are having password issues, please email Lynne McWilliams or Ann Dunleavy to have your password reset.
Preferred Browser: 
Speed Issues:
If you're experiencing speed issues with Aspen (it's slow to load pages), please first open a new window in your browser and load other web sites to make sure it's not your computer's connection to the Internet prior to contacting the technology department.  If there is a widespread Aspen issue during the school day, the technology department will alert staff via email and be in contact with Follett Software for a quick resolution.