How do I update software on my computer?

There are three types of software updates: Managed Software Update, OS X software update, and Mac App Store updates.
  1. Managed Software Update has software pushed from servers at school and are for software like Firefox, Adobe Flash, and Java.  The district can also push scripts as well as new software to school-owned computers.  If you would like to manually check for these updates, from Finder, go to the Go menu and choose Utilities.  Launch the application, "Managed Software Update."  Also included are optional installs, for software that isn't already installed but software you may need installed on your computer.  These updates are pushed by groups: Teachers and students.  Managed Software Update can only be run while on the school's network.
  2. OS X software update is available through Apple's own software update mechanism (under the Apple menu) or pushed through our Managed Software Update service. These updates generally apply patches to Mac software.
  3. Mac App Store updates are updates to applications purchased (whether for free or a fee) through the Mac App Store.  These apps are digitally signed, therefore, not only must they be updated through the Mac Store App, they must also be updated by the Apple ID and password that originally signed for them when they were purchased and downloaded.