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Mrs. Myrsini Smith                                                                                                              January 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                          msmith@duxbury.k12.ma.us

Dear Families,


      Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a happy and healthy vacation.  I have missed your little ones and am so glad to see their smiles today. It was also great to see all of you who attended our Visiting Day last month.  The children thoroughly enjoyed having you join us for our Gingerbread themed activities.  Thank you to all the parents who donated the gingerbread cookies, candy, and frosting.  Thank you also for your donations of snacks, sanitizing wipes, liquid soap, etc.  We are all set for the rest of the year!  Finally, Mrs. Powers, Mrs. White, and I would like to give many thanks for the very generous holiday gifts.  It has been a pleasure working with your children. We are looking forward to making every day special during the second half of the school year! Time is really flying now.

      This month, you will be able to access your child’s first report card online. More information will be sent home regarding how to access the report card. Please take a moment to review the standards based report card brochure which can be accessed on the Curriculum and Instruction page on the Chandler School website. Here is a direct link: http://www.duxbury.k12.ma.us/domain/490 . You will want to be familiar with it when viewing your child’s report card. The following is a short summary of pertinent information copied directly from the brochure:

In each grade level, all the skills listed on the report card will be taught and assessed throughout the year. Some skills will only be taught, and therefore assessed, in one term. When a standard is shaded, it has not been assessed that term.
Many skills are assessed throughout multiple terms. This provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice a given skill throughout the year. It also allows the teacher to break down skills into manageable sections for students to learn best. For example, a math concept such as “knows addition facts” may be assessed in all three terms. The first term, the students are expected to know some facts, the second term the students will know more facts, and by the end of the year, the students will be expected to be proficient with all addition facts.
In addition, standards are assessed across multiple terms because as the content of the literature or math becomes more complex as the year goes on, we want to provide e complex. Therefore, he or she may receive a “developing” for that skill in term 2.

   Cold weather is finally here.  We will continue to have outdoor recess throughout the winter.  Please send your child to school prepared with a warm coat, hat, and mittens for those chilly days. On snowy days, your child will be allowed to play off the black top if they have snow boots and snow pants. I recommend keeping extra gear at school in a reusable grocery bag.  If that is not possible, a separate bag daily for all of your child’s snow gear works best for us.  Please remember to label all their gear with their name or initials.  Please also remember to send in sneakers or shoes with your child on the days that he/she wears boots to school.  They need to change out of their boots during class time.


Warm regards,

Myrsini Smith

Mrs. Powers, & Mrs. White




Title, Author, Illustrator



Author’s purpose- Fiction & Nonfiction

Sequencing and Retelling

Realism and Fantasy

Comparing and Contrasting


Phonics and Handwriting:

All lowercase letter names and sounds, and formation


Phonemic Awareness:

counting syllables in words

segmenting and blending the sounds in one syllable words


Sight Words:

I, am, the, a, and, are, to, is, his, as, has, was, (new: we, he, she, be, me)  




Topic 7 Essential Question:
How can representing taking apart and taking from in different ways help you learn about subtraction?

Math Centers link:

click here Topic 7


Topic 2 -Matter
K-PS1-1(MA). Investigate and communicate the idea that different kinds of materials can be solid or liquid depending on temperature.

Essential Question: How can you classify different objects?


Who was Martin Luther King Jr. and why is it important to remember him?

What is Chinese New Year and how is it celebrated?

Growing and Changing-

- What new things can you do as you grow and change?

- How do children change as they grow?

- How do friendships change?

- How does our pond change during the winter?



•      January 17th – No School, Teacher Professional Development

•      January 20th – No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

*      January 30th - Kindergarten Family Learning Night: Time 6:00-6:45


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