ear wax

Posted by Cara Jordan on 3/15/2018

Kasey asked:

  • Hello, I'm Kasey and I'm in 4th grade, I was just wondering, do all deaf or hard of hearing people have a lot of wax in their ear? is it because the mold on the hearing aid or cochlear implant keeps air out of the ear? Does air clean out the ear so there isn't a lot of wax? Thank You!


So...everyone's body produces ear wax. We think it helps to lubricate your ear, keep it from itching and to help keep dust and debris out of you ear canal. There are little hairs in your ear and as the ear wax builds up the hairs help move it out of the ear canal. As you move your jaw, the bits move outward and can eventually come out. When you shower you probably flush some out. People who use hearing aids or earmolds for cochlear implants probably make it harder for the wax to come out on its own. Also, some people just seem to produce more ear wax, so they might have a lot or even a blockage without even using earmolds. You shouldn't use cotton swabs because that can push the wax in and press the hairs down, making their job harder. If you tend to get buildup or blockages, you should really have a trained doctor or nurse remove it for you!