Tukkaa's Jolly, Joyful, Jaunts with Jack

Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 3/12/2019 6:05:00 PM

Tuukka out with Jack's family at Speedwell Pub, in Plymouth (America's Hometown).  

At Speedwell

French fry for lunch - yummy!


Tuukka, as a special guest, at Jack's hockey game.  

At the game

Tuukka at Plymouth Rock.  

Plymouth Rock

Tuukka helped Jack pick out baseball cleats, and Tuukka even got to try some on.  


Playing street hockey...

Street Hockey

Tuukka playing in the snow.  

In the snow

Tuukka got to hang out with Jack's cats.  

Tuukka and friend Stepping out

Tuukka had a great time with Jack and his family.