Tuukka and Ellie on the go...

Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 10/9/2018 1:35:00 PM

We had an amazing time with Tuukka this weekend! Here are a bunch of pics from our weekend.


Tuukka met Ellie's puppy Maisie, a black lab that will be one year old this month. We were a little worried she might bite him, so Ellie introduced them carefully.

Tuukka, Ellie, & Maisie

Tuukka got to go to the beach with Ellie's cousins, Jack, David and Patrick. Ellie's brother William and big sister Ava also went. 

On the way to the beach...

Tuukka and Ellie traveled the world. They also got a little studying in for Passport Club!

Traveling the world

Tuukka went out with Ellie to a sleepover at her friend's house! She was super careful to keep him with her at all times.  Ellie made a special bed for Tuukka to sleep in at night and naptime (he had a few of them).

We were so very happy to have him and hope he had a great time with us!

Night away Special place to nap