A weekend with Declan.

Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 10/1/2018 7:30:00 AM


The Adventures of Declan & Tuukka...


Dear Mrs. Hastings-Ely & classmates-


I had a great time with Declan this weekend. I was really excited to go home with him. When we left school on Friday Declan’s dad picked us up. I had never been to his house before so I was a little nervous. When I arrived I saw they had 3 dogs (Bella, Tessa, and Anya), a hamster (Poe), and a fish (Sushi). Seeing so many animals made me feel really comfortable. I hung out with Declan on Friday night and we watched Space Buddies.


Saturday was super exciting we went to the Topsfield Fair and I met the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. I also saw a 2,000 pound pumpkin and a 6 foot sunflower. I made a candle from bees wax, saw award winning flowers, and took a silly photo inside a sun. There were so many cool things at the fair I really enjoyed myself. It was a long ride for me and I was really comfy in my carrier.


On Sunday I met Declan’s friend Alexander and we went to a pumpkin patch.  I really had a great time with Declan and his family  and friends and I look forward to having many great adventures throughout the school year.



Tuukka (and Declan) 


Tuukka & Declan