Travels With Tuukka Turtle

Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 9/23/2018 3:40:00 PM

Mrs. Hastings took Tuukka for the first weekend.  Gabby and Daisy were very intrigued when they met Tuukka.  I think that Tuukka was a little nervous...

First Meeting


Tuukka hung out with the big guy for a while, just to relax and find some shelter.

Taking shelter


Everyone got ready to head north, to Milton, to visit with relatives.  

before the visit


Tuukka tried to get away from the crowd and I found him hiding in the teacups, yikes!

Hiding in the teacups


After a long day, Tuukka got some rest with Daisy.  Tuukka definitely liked the dogs better when they were sleeping.  



On Sunday, Tuukka sunned himself on a rock and hung out on the stonewall with a bunny friend, while the dogs were at the bog.  

with bunny  sunning

I think Tuukka will be very happy to get back to school and see all the great kiddos from his class.