What are some concepts or language we use when working on language?

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When working on Language, we ask our students to listen, hold on, and picture words!  These skills are supported by a student's attention, memory, and language abilities.  It is important for young students to develop an ability to visualize what the words they hear mean as much as it is important for them to visualize what their words are communicating to others.  In school, being able to picture words is necessary to support the development of critical thinking and facilitate their learning in the classroom. 

Students often hear us saying ..... 


*Get ready..... we need to picture the words

*What does it look like when we listen?  Eyes looking, Calm body, Quiet mouth....

*I picture words so that I can Remember, Understand, and Share an idea!

*What do you picture for those words?

*I can say the words quietly to myself to remember them?

*Check your picture if you forget?


It is important to speak to your student's therapist, for more individualized information.