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Where Do Your Athletic User Fees Go?

Sometimes questions arise as to where athletic user fees are spent.  A quick summary as to where our $250 per sport and gate receipts are spent:
Custodial Overtime $10,000
Official Fees $51,000
Transportation $115,000
MIAA Dues $3,850
Patriot League Dues $7,400
Trainer Salary $36,000
Insurance Policy $9,950
other league dues $1,500 sailing, skiing, g. hockey, g. golf
coaching salaries $51,000 school does not pay all coaching salaries
police details $3,500
football reconditioning $6,000 state mandated
CPR training $2,000
clinics $2,000
mileage reimubursement $1,500
track/wrestling/sailing meets $1,000       
strength & conditioning coach                        $17,000
We budget for 1,050 full user fees to be paid. 
As you can see, supplies are not part of the above list.  In the event that we can cover the above costs, the remainder is mainly used for supplies to cover the 60+ teams we currently support.  There are also other unique costs that come up from time to time.