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Class of 2019 Senior Awards

Class of 2019 Boosters Club Athletic Awards Night:

Masters of Sport - Given to seniors that have received at least 7 letters for their DHS careers:

Julia Barry, Sue Bird, *Samantha Borjeson, Brendan Carley, Caroline Curley, *Sadie Estey, Aaden Fantom, Matt Gill, Izzy Gooley, Siobhan Hannify, Jackie Hayden, McKenzie Isbister, *Chloe Jones, Mairead Kennedy, Heath MacCallum, Sam Messina, Quinn Murphy, Josh Principe, John Roberts, Eugenie Rovegno, Eliza Ryan, #Sophia Schortman, Emma Sheehan, Cammack Shepler, Morgan Slayter, *Sam Stapinski, Lindsay Sullivan, Lucy Williams, & Leah Yucius                         

*denotes received at least 10 letters 

# denotes received 12 letters

NFHS Spirit of Sport Award

“For exemplary display of sportsmanship, ethics, & integrity”  - Cammack Shepler


Burke Walker Award

Awarded to the boys’ lacrosse player who “best exemplifies the spirit of the game” - Matt Gill


Peter Sinnott Memorial Award

Awarded to the baseball or softball player who “exemplifies the love of the game while also excelling in the classroom” - Sam Reagan

Brett Barclay Memorial Award

“The wrestler or soccer player who has shown the greatest personal and athletic growth.” - James Fitzgerald

 Percy Walker Award 

“For outstanding effort and commitment to excellence in the sport of swimming at Duxbury High School” - Bella Rangulong

John J. Todd Memorial Award

"Given to the senior student-athlete who overcomes adversity through hard work to thrive in the athletic arena" - Guy Holbrook

Fuller Marshall Award

Boy or girl nominated by the tennis or golf coaches for “outstanding contribution to tennis and golf”. - Maddie Edmonds

Dave Kispert Memorial Award

“Boy or Girl Ice Hockey Player who exemplifies teamwork, dedication, and places the team before themselves” - Mairead Kennedy

Robert Wadsworth Award

Boy or/and girl track or cross-country nominated by their  coaches for “outstanding contribution to track or cross-country”.

 Chloe Jones & Sam Stapinski

Jamie K. Neal Memorial Award

Girl nominated by soccer, basketball, or softball coach that “shows excellence in both the classroom and on the athletic field” - Sam Borjeson

Robert LaGreca Award

Boy nominated by soccer, basketball or baseball coach that “strives to achieve athletic excellence”. - Will Poreda

Robert Chase Award

“Boy or girl nominated by any coach from their team who “exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship, perseverance and team spirit”.

Sam Messina & Julia Barry

Lieutenant Timothy L. Steele Memorial Award

Awarded to the boy and girl student-athlete who exemplify leadership, honor, and dedication to athletics.

Eugenie Rovegno & Mike McCutcheon

Athletic Achievement Award

Boy and girl nominated by any coach from their team.  Criteria considered – number of letters earned, captaincies, and other awards.

Sophia Schortmann & Quinn Murphy

Boosters Club Award

Boy and girl nominated by any coach from their team.  “Given for leadership, commitment, sportsmanship, and versatility in athletics.”

Eliza Ryan & Jack Venturelli