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Duxbury Day at Fenway Park RESCHEDULED

Duxbury Day at Fenway Park


As you know, the Red Sox have not yet started their season and our Duxbury Day at Fenway Park game was supposed to be on May 2nd. We reached out to the Red Sox to exchange our non-refundable tickets for another game as we await a decision about the 2020 baseball season. We thought it was best to exchange the tickets for a date as far out in the future as possible given the current situation.

The new Duxbury Day at Fenway Park game is scheduled for Saturday, September 26th at 1:05 PM - Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles. Our tickets purchased for the May 2nd game will be exchanged for the September 26th game. We are waiting to hear from the Red Sox about when electronic tickets will be distributed.

The Red Sox will be in contact with us with any new information and we will share it with you as soon as we hear more.

For those that purchased t-shirts, please email if you would like to cancel your t-shirt order and receive a refund for the t-shirts. Otherwise, we will order t-shirts when the game gets closer.