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Report Card Access

If you are having trouble accessing your child's report card on the Aspen Portal


If you know your Log in ID, but don't remember your password: On the log in page, enter your user ID and then click the link "forgot my password".  It will take you through the steps of changing your password.  You will need to know the email address you used when signing into the portal the first time. It should be the email you would normally give the school to contact you. Once you've reset the password you can go back to the log in page and sign in. If you never went through the process of setting up your password last year for some reason, none of this will work and you will need to come to Alden School front office with your driver's license. Lynne can set you up with your password at that time. 


If you do not know your log in ID, the typical pattern is your first initial, last name, no capitals, no spaces example: rbenoit

If you have the same name as someone else in the district, you may have a number after your name like 2 or 3.


If these directions do not help, you must come into the Alden front office and see Annie Potash with your driver's license. She cannot help you access your account if you do not have your license for security purposes.  

Please do not contact the technology department for help with passwords. We are managing this at the building level.