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Please support DHS PTO today with your annual donation. 

  • DHS PTO relies solely on dues/donations to fund our efforts at DHS.

  • Your financial support for DHS PTO doesn't obligate you to do anything more. 

  • A variety of volunteer opportunities are available for those who are interested.   

While the PTO has less of a role as our kids grow up, there are still many activities that the PTO supports at Duxbury High School.  It's important for parents to be engaged with the school that their kids attend -- right up until graduation. 

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Cash Donations for PTO Activities

If you want to make a cash donation to support any of our activities, click below. Click on the drop-down to identify where your cash donation is going—graduation Breakfast, Staff Appreciation, Credit for Life Fair, Staff Gift Card drive, Prom Pre-Party snacks, Homecoming Dance snacks, or other PTO activities. 

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Teacher Mini-Grant Application

Dear DHS Faculty, 

One of the PTO's primary goals is to support and encourage the educational, social, emotional, and physical development of Duxbury High School students, combined with an effort to aid and support the faculty.  We believe that one way to help supplement both of these efforts is through the use of Mini-Grants.

 These Mini-Grants are funded through our membership fees and direct donations from parents wanting to support Enrichment/Curriculum activities further.  The grants may be used to cover the cost of materials for a special class project, books, films, subscriptions, or other activities that will enhance the educational experiences of our students.   

 If you want to apply for such a grant, please fill out the form below.  The PTO Board will meet as needed to discuss requests and requestors will be notified soon after that whether the request can be honored.