• Duxburrow Outdoor Learning Area

    The Duxburrow Outdoor Learning Area is a true community effort.  The project began in 2013 and continues in development currently.  The goal of the project is to create an outdoor learning area for use by all three of the Duxbury schools located on site as well as the community.  Phase I including planning, design, and preparation for the project.  Now underway, Phase II focuses on the construction of an outdoor amphitheater by our own high school students.  The school site offers extensive unique opportunities that we hope to take full advantage of through access to ponds, wetlands, wood areas, marshland, tidal rivers, and gardens.  

    Funding for the project has exclusively been provided through the Battelle Memorial Institute in a relationship with the Duxbury Education Foundation.  

    A planning committee that consists of teachers, school administrators, and Battelle representatives will guide the project.   The second phase is the construction of an outside science classroom space for students to gather to get instruction before moving into outside activities, gathering after collecting data to work in groups and summarizing learning at the end of an outside activity. During this phase, we will also continue to develop curriculum and PBL opportunities for students using the outside areas surrounding the outside science classroom space. Projects currently underway include a climate change lab. Other possible projects include solar power, gardening, monarch butterfly monitoring, water testing, vernal pool work, estuary studies, ecosystem studies, soil testing, species observations and field-testing. These projects will bring the students and community together to develop and implement projects. For example, Battelle representatives are working with the Duxbury school community on the design phase of the project. The climate change lab is a collaboration between Wildlands Trust, Manomet Center for Conservation Science, and Duxbury Public Schools. We hare a parent and student, who have offered to develop and implement a butterfly garden and edible garden with the help of high school students in the early childhood education class working with Alden Elementary School students.  

    History Behind the Site 
    The site abuts the original property of the Alden House and trail that existed between Plymouth and Marshfield during Massachusetts' early history including residents Myles Standish and John Alden.  The Duxburrow Trail played an important role in Duxbury's history of farming and shipbuilding.   Land records document the actual location of the trail.  

    1780 Navigation Map 
    1940 Survey Map  
    Duxbury Land Records 1684 

    Community Partners
    Battelle Memorial Institute
    Duxbury Education Foundation 
    Wildlands Trust        
    Manomet Center for Conservation Science 
    Sustainable Duxbury  
    Duxbury Conservation Commission 
    Duxbury Rural and Historical Society  
    Massachusetts Audubon Society
    Alden House Historic Site