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    Dear Readers,

    We have entered the home stretch!  The time period between April vacation and the last day of school goes by in the blink of an eye.  MCAS testing in ELA has been completed and students are preparing to take their Math and STE MCAS assessments beginning with our fifth graders at Alden School this week.  DHS is gearing up for a busy month of activities starting with the Junior Prom on May 5th, followed by AP exams, and graduation is right around the corner on June 1st!

    Duxbury students in grades 7-12 will be taking the 2019 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) this month.  The Youth Risk Behavior Survey is administered every other year (on odd-numbered years) and is developed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention).  The YRBS investigates youth health risk behaviors and assists with the development of school health programs, policies, and practices.  The YRBS results aid in understanding the factors that contribute to the leading causes of illness, death, and disability among youth and young adults.  The survey focuses on health experiences related to sexual behavior, high-risk substance use, violence victimization, and mental health/suicide. We analyze our local YRBS results in our district School Health Advisory Council and make specific recommendations about programs and offerings for our students.

    Mr. Farmer, Dr. Antonucci, and I presented the draft Strategic Plan’s new Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Strategic Goals to the School Committee on April 10th.  We will be sharing the final plan to the school district staff and the Duxbury community in the near future. As the year winds down, we will be submitting the final report of our Math Curriculum Review as well as a report of the work that was completed by our Social & Emotional Learning Committee this year.  We are also working to develop our new five-year Digital Literacy Plan, which will be aligned with our new Strategic Plan and will be presented at an upcoming School Committee meeting.

    We are looking forward to our first annual Family Literacy Night at Alden School on May 9th.  This evening is sponsored by our district Title I program and is intended to celebrate literacy and parent involvement in learning and to encourage students to continue the fantastic reading work they have done throughout the school year over the summer months.  We are pleased that we will be partnering with the Duxbury Free Public Library for this event. We hope to add more family literacy and math events at both Chandler and Alden Schools in the near future.

    I hope you have a wonderful month and that all of those April showers we just experienced bring us some beautiful May flowers and warm sunshine!


    Danielle Klingaman, Ed.D

    Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    Twitter @duxschools



    This page provides information relative to all aspects of curriculum and instruction in the Duxbury Public Schools.  Curriculum includes our local curriculum maps as well as references to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Instruction outlines our current projects and initiatives as well as plans for meeting the needs of all students.  Our assessment work is extensive and includes both MCAS results as well as local measures.  The district's planning occurs at many levels all of which connect through the strategic, technology, and school improvement plans.  Duxbury's focus on professional development is continuous.  This page will highlight our recent and future efforts.