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    Dear Readers,

    On Saturday, we honored the Duxbury High School Class of 2019 at a beautiful graduation ceremony.  Graduation is always a time to reflect on the team effort that it takes for our students to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas on graduation day.  From the beginning, parents are their child’s first teacher, preparing their children to be school-ready and able to manage the academic and social demands of school and life.  Day in and day out, teachers, instructional assistants, administrators, and all of the other important people in our schools are there to support students as they progress through the grades with increasing academic and social expectations.  Some days are hard, and the trajectory of learning- both social and academic- isn’t always perfect. It is important to remember that working through adversity and learning from mistakes is part of what makes us all who are today. Every single person who works in the Duxbury schools should feel proud that they played a part in what made it possible for the graduates in the Class of 2019 to receive their diplomas on Saturday.

     Duxbury Graduation  .    Duxbury Graduation Stage

    We are wrapping up with our district committee work that was completed throughout the year.  Thank you to all of the teachers and administrators who spent countless hours working on our committees this year.  Have a fantastic summer, I am looking forward to more great things in the 2019-2020 school year!



    Danielle Klingaman, Ed.D

    Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    Twitter @duxschools



    This page provides information relative to all aspects of curriculum and instruction in the Duxbury Public Schools.  Curriculum includes our local curriculum maps as well as references to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Instruction outlines our current projects and initiatives as well as plans for meeting the needs of all students.  Our assessment work is extensive and includes both MCAS results as well as local measures.  The district's planning occurs at many levels all of which connect through the strategic, technology, and school improvement plans.  Duxbury's focus on professional development is continuous.  This page will highlight our recent and future efforts.