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    Dear Readers, 

    We would have never imagined that the last four months of the 2019-2020 school year would occur with all of us working and learning from home.  As we have heard over and over again, the situation that we find ourselves in, in Massachusetts, and across the globe, is unprecedented. Despite our own fears and anxieties during this pandemic, we have all had to be extremely flexible as guidance from state and federal officials about how we would live and work, continued to change from day to day. Most aspects of our lives, including public schooling as we knew it, literally changed overnight.

    We have been humbled and impressed by the response to remote learning in Duxbury.  Our district quickly provided technology devices or WiFi access to hundreds of families and we have prioritized continuing our school lunch program and supporting members of our community who are in need during this closure.  Families have found a way to balance working from home while supporting their children’s remote learning.  Teachers have been amazingly creative about how to continue to ensure that our students are learning from afar.  As we have settled into remote learning for the remainder of this school year, in this newsletter, we hope to provide some insight as to what remote learning looks like in Duxbury Schools.

    From the start, as a public school, we have been committed to providing an equitable learning experience for all of our students.  We know that our families are all experiencing this current reality differently.  Some students and families are thriving while others are struggling to get through each day and week.  We know our students and families are grieving many losses: their daily routine, seeing friends, teachers, and family members, and have had to endure the disappointment of canceled sports, music, dance, and many milestone events that everyone looks forward to.  Every student has a different capacity for learning at home, much more independently than they are accustomed to while in school, and our families range from essential workers to English Learners, to those with multiple children to support with their learning.  With all of these things in mind, we have done our best to meet the needs of the majority while attempting to accommodate individual situations to the best of our ability.  Remote learning looks different at each school based on the ages of the learners and the principals have done an outstanding job of communicating with families and the school staff members.   

    The pillars of our remote learning beliefs are the same as our core values while in school.  Students first, the opportunity for each student to achieve personal & academic excellence, to make every decision with integrity in mind, and to focus on equity & inclusion.  We expect that our educators are doing everything they can to accommodate the individual needs of students and are providing a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.  What that means is that not all students may have the availability to login and learn at the same exact time every day while in this remote environment- but we are committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to participate in live instruction and/or instructional check-ins in every class, every week. We want to ensure that students have a clear sense of what their daily and weekly assignments are, know how to find and access support if they need it, and are also receiving direct instruction from their teachers, either written or recorded, in order to complete assignments at home.  We also expect that students are receiving feedback about the work they are passing in and know-how and when they can contact their teachers with questions.  We expect that related service providers are working with students on their caseloads to address individual student goals.  We expect that every student is feeling “seen”, even if we are not in school together in person.  We have talented and committed educators in Duxbury who are the content experts and make the decisions about how to best facilitate student learning of their grade level or course standards.  Every student in Duxbury should be feeling challenged and supported, and if this is not the case, we ask for families to reach out to the teachers or building administration to make an individual plan.  In the following pages, the Curriculum Supervisors have further expanded on what remote learning looks like in their school or department.


    Danielle Klingaman, Ed.D
    Assistant Superintendent of Schools
    Twitter @duxschools

    This page provides information relative to all aspects of curriculum and instruction in the Duxbury Public Schools.  Curriculum includes our local curriculum maps as well as references to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Instruction outlines our current projects and initiatives as well as plans for meeting the needs of all students.  Our assessment work is extensive and includes both MCAS results as well as local measures.  The district's planning occurs at many levels all of which connect through the strategic, technology, and school improvement plans.  Duxbury's focus on professional development is continuous.  This page will highlight our recent and future efforts.