• Duxbury Public Schools Bus Transportation Information   
    Introducing a new process for transportation registration
    for the 2023-2024 school year!
    All students wanting transportation must register for the bus each year. Please review the steps below carefully to complete your student(s) registration. 
    STEP 1: Log into the Aspen family portal using your parent/guardian login credentials. ASPEN PORTAL.
    STEP 2: Once logged in, click on the Health, Permissions & Bus top tab.  
    STEP 3: Select the student's name you are registering and click on the Transportation tab.
                    (You will need to complete this process for each student you are registering)
    STEP 4: In the Transportation tab, enter all the required information.
    STEP 5: Once you have provided the information, enter your name and date in the Signature and Date fields
                    at the bottom of the form and click SAVE.
                    If you do not owe a bus fee your registration is now complete. 
    Fee-Based Riders: 
    • Students in grades K-6 living more than 2 miles of their school and all students in grades 7-12 are considered fee-based riders. For a list of fee-based streets for grades K-6, please click here.
    • For our fee-based students, registering for the bus is a two-step process consisting of registering in your Aspen portal and paying the bus fee in UNIpay. Please be sure to complete both steps to guarantee your student's seat.
    • Payment made before July 1st is $250 per student with a family cap of $500. Payment made after July 1st is $300 per student with a family cap of $600. 
    • See STEP 6 to complete fee-based registrations.                                                       
    STEP 6: FEE-BASED RIDERS ONLY                  
                      Fee-based riders must pay a bus fee to ride and must pay the fee at the time of registration.
                     Transportation fees are paid via UNIPAY. You will need your student's SASID number to pay.
                     It can be found on the Transportation tab in Aspen next to your student's name.
                     Once your fee is paid your registration is complete.       

    For the complete transportation information, including definitions, instructions, policies, and FAQs, please refer to the 2023-2024 Transportation Manual.   


    Contact Information for Transportation: 

    Duxbury Public Schools
    School Business Office
    93 Chandler Street
    First Student, Inc.
    Sheila Morse
    781-585-0240 ext. 1
    Cheryl Smith
    781-585-0240 ext 2