Payroll and Human Resource Documents

  • Information Only Documents:

    Approved Annuity Companies
    Health, Life and Dental Rate Sheet 
    How to File for Unemployment
    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 


    Important Employee Websites: 

    Employee Forward (Harper's Payroll Employee Self Service Website)

    • Employee Forward website allows Duxbury Public School Employees to access past and present payroll information.  This site will allow you to print documents related to your payroll.

    TalentEd (Human Resource Employee Information System)

    • TalentEd is a tool used by Duxbury Human Resources to manage employee information.  Employees can access their own profile which includes all information but not limited to current and prior contracts, mandated training and performance evaluations. 



    Course Reimbursement Documents to complete and return to Central Office:


    • Print completed form and submit a request for assistance with the course description to your Building Principal who will open a PO for cost.
    • Submit signed form with course description to Central office for approval.
    • Once approved, Central Office will return the form to the employee
    • Employee will then follow up with Payroll with transcripts and the final grade for the course.  Include canceled Check (back and front), credit card statement showing charge with date, or Bursars receipt with proof of payment.
    • Payroll will notify you when reimbursement will be processed and information will be added to the personnel file.

    Employee Documents:

    Instructions to change your Demographic and Emergency Contact information in Aspen.  

    1. Log into Aspen using your credentials
    2. Once logged in, please make sure that you are on the "STAFF VIEW" 
    3. Click MY INFO
    4. Click on your name
    5.  Review what we currently have on file for your demographics
    7.  Click NEXT
    8.  You will now have the option to update:





    9.  Once updates have been made, Click NEXT
    10. Click FINISH

    Name Change/Address Change Protocols for Current Employees

    Please see the following forms to make name changes:

    W-4 Form - Submit to Duxbury Payroll Department 

    DESE Form - To update your ELAR profile and License submit form with the appropriate documentation to MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

    Accounts Payable Documents:

    Reimbursement Form

    Please contact Tony Keady at (781) 934-7600 x2904 for all personel/benefit related questions or to see Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO and HMO information please see below.
    Blue Cross HMO
    Blue Cross PPO