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    Welcome to Music! I am the Chandler School Music Specialist for Grades K-2.

    In grades K-2 at Chandler School, we will be exploring music in a variety of ways.

    Music instruction will focus on Singing, Movement, Dance, Instruments, Reading, and beginning music literacy.

    In K-2 Music at Chandler students will also participate in school-wide sing-alongs throughout the school year.  

    I can be reached at lcanzano@duxbury.k12.ma.us.  I am looking forward to a great year of music making!  

    See our "Chandler School Song" below. -Mrs. Canzano 


    The Chandler School Song

    To Chandler School we come each day,

    To learn to read and write and play.

    We work real hard and study well,

    And that's what makes our school so swell.


    We're Chandler, Chandler Dragons,

    From all over Duxbury we come. 

    We're Chandler, Chandler Dragons,

    Where every single day is full of fun.