We fundamentally believe that students benefit from continued application over the course of the summer of the key skills of reading, writing, and critical thinking.  We recognize that summer is a time for students to relax and have fun.  With this in mind, we continually evaluate the amount and nature of the work we assign and ensure that the workload is manageable and valuable. 

    Students enrolled in AP classes have a heavier summer workload.  The AP test dates are set nationally to run in early May.  Students in other regions of the country (Southeast, Midwest) typically begin the school year in early to mid-August.  Thus, we want our students to have access to the full AP curriculum.  Work over the summer allows AP students to acquire and practice key foundational knowledge and skills.  Please note that all AP students are notified of the increased expectations around summer work in advance of the course selection process that began in February.    

    We strongly recommend that students and families develop a plan at the start of the summer for the completion of the required work.  We do not recommend waiting until the last two weeks of the summer to start the required work.

    For more information on Academic and Co-Curricular workloads please see this link:

    What to Expect:  Time Commitments of Academics, Co-Curriculars, and Athletics

    If you have any specific questions about the summer work for your child, please contact the relevant Subject Supervisor or Todd Warmington.

    The Main Office number is 781-934-7650.  At the prompt, dial the relevant extension number.

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    Please email Asst. Superintendent Dr. Beth Wilcox at ewilcox@duxbury.k12.ma.us


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