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       JEN's January News                       
     Important Dates:
    Friday, January 17th-No School for Students-Teacher Professional Day
    Monday, January 20th- NO SCHOOL-Martin Luther King's Birthday
    Monday, January 27th-Field Trip to the Commonwealth Museum

    This month as part of the Reader's Workshop curriculum, we are
    working on different research projects during our Language Arts
    time and our Social Studies time. In Social Studies each student
    has selected a person from colonial times and is conducting research
    about that person's life, and the part that they played in the
    Revolutionary War. Students have learned how to locate credible sources,
    and are using both the internet and different text sources for their research.
    In Language Arts, students will be choosing from a list of non-fiction research
    topics such as Oceans, Space, Civil Rights, Environmental Studies, and
    American History to conduct their research.  
    SUPPLIES       SUPPLIES       SUPPLIES      SUPPLIES                      
        *Please check-in with your child to see if he/she is in need
         of pencils or glue sticks. We are running low, and much gluing goes
             on in Reader's Workshop this year!  THANKS!!