blank Mr. Jake Sheptyck
    Grade 4, Room 333 - Alden Elementary School
    Teaming with Mrs. Wigmore
    Mr. Sheptyck
     Hello families!

    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving (and our first snow day of the year) – I know I did!

    This is the time of year when student behavior can drastically change along with the weather. I would appreciate gentle discussions at home about maintaining appropriate behavior at school. It will make the next few weeks run a lot more smoothly when we are just going about business as usual!

    In math, we have wrapped up our units on the 4 operations and have begun to study factors and multiples. While factors and multiples are not necessarily difficult concepts for the students to understand, asking about and reinforcing some of our key vocabulary is definitely beneficial. Please be aware that shortly after winter break we will be diving into fractions, so any previewing is helpful!

    In literacy, we have concluded our unit of study on fictional literature and have begun to examine nonfiction, particularly in the area of science. As many students are not actively selecting nonfiction to read at home, I encourage you to showcase as much of it as you can, pointing out the structure and text features. We will also be starting our unit on expository, or informational, writing as well.

    In social studies, we have been studying some of the major European explorers who first visited North America, and the students are very interested! We live in such a historic area, so it’s nice to have that connection. Any knowledge you can share with your children regarding the early days of colonial America is appreciated as we prepare to move into that era shortly.

    Report cards are available for you to see on Aspen starting on Friday, December 6th.

    Monday, December 9th is an early release day for teacher professional development.

    Monday, December 16th is “favorite sports team day”.

    Our monthly Passport check is Thursday, December 19th.

    Friday, December 20th is our holiday concert, the last day of school before Winter Break, and opening day for the new Star Wars movie. May the Force be with you, and we’ll see you in the New Year!