blank Mr. Jake Sheptyck
    Grade 4, Room 333 - Alden Elementary School
    Teaming with Mrs. Wigmore and Mrs. Theophilos
    Mr. Sheptyck

    Hello families!

    It is the last full month of the year, and we are going to be busy, busy, busy! That being said, we are in the home stretch. Summer is just around the corner!

    We have our Math MCAS scheduled for Monday, May 16th and Tuesday, May 17th. As with the ELA MCAS, please make sure students are getting a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast, and that they bring a “pre-snack” to eat before we get going. Also, please make sure students are on time and ready to go well before 8:00 AM.

    In math, we have concluded all 16 topics in our math book! I am so incredibly proud of all of the hard work that students have put in over the course of the year. That being said, there is still a lot of math to be done! Soon we will be looking at some “Step Up to 5th Grade” lessons that will preview what to expect next year. Moving forward, some helpful areas to review are: basic facts, fractions and decimals, and any kind of geometry.

    In literacy, we are winding down our Historical Fiction Book Clubs unit. The students have really enjoyed getting to work with their classmates to read these books and discuss them. They have developed genuine interests in their time periods and historical events, and my hope is that they will continue to be enthusiastic about this genre. For many reluctant readers, this book club work was really exciting for them, so involvement in a family book club may help to keep that excitement going!

    In social studies, we will soon be studying the West region. The students have been enjoying making mini-Pueblo villages as we have been studying the Southwest. As always, please keep quizzing your students on their states and capitals, and share with them any firsthand knowledge or experiences you have about our country.

    The science fair is Saturday, May 7th. I’m excited to see the many projects on display!

    There is an early release on Thursday, May 26th for teacher professional development.

    There is no school on Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day.

    As always, please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

    - Mr. Sheptyck