blank Mr. Jake Sheptyck
    Grade 4, Room 333 - Alden Elementary School
    Teaming with Mrs. Wigmore
    Mr. Sheptyck

    Hello families!

    It’s exciting that springtime is around the corner. Another event that is just around the corner is our first round of MCAS testing, which will happen in the beginning of April. If your children are showing any signs of stress regarding testing, please let me know and we can work together to hopefully reduce that.

    In math, we have concluded two units on multiplying fractions as well as reading and creating line plots. We have now moved on to one of the more difficult content areas in our 4th grade program which is decimals. Any reinforcement you can give in this area is welcome, and I find that using money to help explain these difficult concepts is a useful strategy. More specifically, helping students to grasp place value with regards to decimals is critical.

    In literacy, we have finished our unit on science-based nonfiction texts and have moved on to historical nonfiction with a concentration on the American Revolution. I think this is a great topic to focus on as we study reading strategies given our location in the country, so if you have any background knowledge on the events leading up to the Revolution or the war itself, please feel free to share that information with your children.

    In social studies, we continue to study the regions of our country, and at the moment we are focusing on the Northeast region. In addition to the geography of a region, we look at the major industry, natural resources, and recreational activities present there. Again, sharing background knowledge in any of the areas regarding any of the Northeast states is a welcome boost to our learning.

    Thursday, March 5th is an early release day for students as well as our practice MCAS.

    Our monthly Passport check is Thursday, March 19th.

    Friday, March 20th there is no school for teacher professional development.

    Saturday, March 21st is the Alden Science Fair – I hope to see you there!

    As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


    - Mr. Sheptyck