• DMS C0-Curricular Activities Fall 2020 

     Unipay website for paying the $110.00 Co-Curricular fee. 

    Only one fee for the school year per child, not per club. Each child should be registered separately. 

    This year, Co curricular payments will be on-line using the Unipay website. Payment is either by echeck with a $ .25 fee or by credit card with a $5.00 processing fee (see the link below for instructions and further details). You may want to register with the Unipay site to keep track of payments and print receipts. 


    Payment Options and Fees link!


    NOTE: If a student receives free or reduced lunch, the DMS Co-Curricular Fee is $25.00.  However, you must pay the fee by check to the DMS front office and register for clubs.  Payment cannot be made online.