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    Welcome to my web page and the 2022-2023 school year. Units that my classes will be covering in P.E. this Fall are: Cooperative Games, Running, Fitness Testing and Soccer. In the Winter we will be inside playing Volleyball, Pickle Ball, Floor Hockey, Basketball, and completing the second round of Fitness Testing. We will complete the year in the Spring with 4th-grade swim. During swim, the 3rd and 5th graders will be playing Frisbee games including Frisbee Golf, and Ultimate Frisbee (ball). When the Frisbee unit is completed, we begin our Field Day Games unit including Capture the Flag, Speed Ball, Kick Ball, Tug "O" War, Relay Races and Parachutes. Please consider taking your family to the Frisbee golf course to get outside and play together on the weekend or after school as it is open to the public during non-school hours.
    Regarding Fitness Testing, we have moved over to Fitness gram over the past several years from the Presidential Fitness Test. The reason we did this is that most of the U.S. made the change as well and Fitnessgram creates a less competitive environment. Students now compete against their own personal best scores, rather than an 85% score from across the country. Researchers believe that scoring students against their own personal best is more motivating for most than going up against students from around the country. The thought is that students will develop better personal fitness habits and therefore become better Fit for Life! 
    Finally, I want all parents and students to understand my class expectations and how students earn their grade. Simply put, students earn their grade by their effort and behavior. My expectation for every student is that they try their best and behave properly in every class. This includes wearing proper clothes and sneakers to all P.E. classes. My rubric for grading is below:
                  Consistent great effort and behavior = P (Proficient)
                  Strong effort and behavior = A (Approaching)
                  Needs better effort and improved behavior = D (Developing)
                  Rarely on task and poor effort = B (Beginning)
    Thank you for visiting my web page. I will be adding Links, pictures and short videos throughout the year. Please come back to see additions, updates, and improvements.


    Doug Backlund
    Alden Physical Education Grades 3-5