School Committee Goals 2019-2020



    • The School Committee will support the implementation of the 2019-2022 strategic plan for the District.


    • The School Committee, in conjuntion with the Town and community, will support the development of a funding plan to meet the needs of the District going forward.


    • The School Committee will work with the district's administration in continuing to refine processes and reporting that enable the members to monitor, evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the school district.


    • The School Committee will review district policies, as needed, to ensure that Duxbury School District policies are in line with best practices.


    • The School Committee will seek opportunities to communicate and engage with the community and to advocate for the district with residents and town leadership.  These efforts will includethe sharing of accurate and consistent information on district performance, policy, and budget via timely web page information and public announcements, as well asregular attendance at meetings of school and community organizations. 


    Professional Development

    • School Committee members will participate in at least one professional development opportunity during the school year (including possible learning opportunities to improve the School Committee’s effectiveness in monitoring and evaluating school district performance) and report on learning to the School Committee.