• School Committee Goals 2016-2017


    1.   Superintendent Search:  The School Committee will conduct a national search for a new superintendent to be under contract by the start of the 2017-2018 school year (July 1, 2017).

    2. The School Committee will conduct a broad assessment of the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan goes and expected outcomes at the mid-point of the current academic year, in preparation for the development of a new strategic plan for 2018-2023.


    1. The School Committee will work with the district administration to refine the accountability processes that enable the members to monitor, evaluate and advocate for the effectiveness of the school district. The Committee will

    •   implement the revised superintendent evaluation process (adopted June 2016).

    •   align School Improvement Plans (SIPs) and District Goals to District Strategic Plan

    •   enhance communication to the public about district performance and effectiveness

    •   monitor the educator evaluation process and implementation of the new teacher contract (2016-2019).

    2.  The School Committee will seek opportunities to communicate and engage with the community and to advocate for the district with residents and town leadership. The Committee will share with the community accurate and consistent information on district performance, policy, and budget. Committee members will

    •   regularly attend meetings of related school and community organizations

    •   share accurate and consistent information on district performance, policy and budget via timely webpage information and public announcements

    Professional Development

    School Committee members will engage in learning opportunities to improve their effectiveness in monitoring and evaluating school district performance.

    •   The School Committee will compile a list of appropriate sources for training/education for the current academic year

    •  School Committee members will participate in at least one professional development opportunity during the school year and report on learning to the School Committee