• Alexis Lanzillotta
    Duxbury Middle School and Duxbury High School
    World Language Department- Latin 
    Salvete, parentes et discipuli! Welcome to our class webpage. Please use the links on the left hand side for homework information and helpful links. Below, I have listed some questions and answers to help you get to know me and familiarize yourself with our classroom policies.  

    Why am I even studying Latin?

    Well, besides the obvious answer that it is a true privilege to be connected to one of history's most fascinating and influential cultures? Here are some reasons:

    • Over 50% of English words are derived from Latin, so it will help with English vocabulary tremendously!
    • This vocabulary boost will also help you understand many terms in other subjects such as geography, biology, astronomy, math, civics, and social studies. 
    • Learning Latin will strengthen your understanding of English grammar.
    • The modern Romance Languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian) directly stem from Latin, and therefore will be easier to learn with a Latin background.
    • Latin encourages critical and analytical thinking; translating a sentence in Latin is like fitting a puzzle together!
    • Learning about another culture in depth helps you understand and reflect on your own culture, as well as its role in the world.  This awareness is very valuable and rewarding!
    • The Romans have handed down fascinating and exciting history, mythology, and literature to us. In fact, many of our own literary masterpieces are influenced by the works of the Romans or their culture in general. Um, Harry Potter, anyone? Oh, and Shakespeare, too. 

    Oh. Ok. Sounds good. Yay, Latin!

    I agree. :)

    I am not happy with my grade. Do you offer extra credit opportunities?

    The short answer – no. But you can improve your grade at any time by turning in late work or retaking quizzes and tests. 

    Tell me more about retakes!

    Any quiz or test can be retaken at any time before grades close for the term. Generally, I average the higher score twice against the lower score.

    What about late homework? Can I turn it in for credit?

    Typically, you can turn it in at any time for reduced credit. However, if we correct an assignment in class, I will give you an alternate assignment to complete instead. The highest score you can achieve on a late or alternate assignment is an 80%.

    How can I succeed in this class?

    Even when you think you have no Latin homework, you really always do...STUDY YOUR VOCABULARY CARDS! Review your grammatical endings! Practice on conjuguemos.com!

    I strongly recommend that you study in small, frequent chunks throughout the week even if you have no upcoming quiz or test! This is the key to mastering the material and holding it in your long term memory.

    Are you available for extra help? 

    PLEASE ASK ME IN ADVANCE so that I can tell you where to meet me since I am teaching in multiple rooms. I will try to keep this posted on a weekly basis on the calendar portion of this website. Generally, my availability will be as follows:
    • Monday and Thursday until 3:10
    • Tuesday and Wednesday until 3:10 except on meeting days
    • Mornings by previous arrangement
    I'm looking forward to a great year! GRATIAS!