• cara
    Cara Jordan, M.E.D., LSLS Cert. AVEd.
    Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    I began working for the Duxbury Public Schools in 2011. I serve as the teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing for the district and I provide direct and indirect services to children at all of the schools. I work with the teachers and other staff in the classrooms to help make sure that the students are accessing the curriculum. Some of the things that I do to help are:
    - ensure that equipment is working and teachers know how to use it
    - help to adapt or supplement the curriculum to help the students reach the goals in each grade  
    - co-teach with the classroom teachers
    - educate staff and students about hearing and auditory related issues
    - support families of students who are deaf or hard of hearing by providing resources, communicating with the student's audiological care providers and working with Duxbury's educational audiology provider
    The students who need services outside of the classroom from a Teacher of the deaf or hard of hearing also come to see me outside of the general education classroom. We work on developing auditory, speech/language and self-advocacy skills coordinated with the goals of the general curriculum. Supporting parents of students at all grade levels is an important aspect of my work here as well.
    I previously worked for the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech as the director of the Boston area campus. At Clarke the focus is on helping children who are deaf or hard of hearing learn to listen and talk.  Over the 20 years I worked at Clarke, I provided aural habilitation,  direct service and consultative services to children throughout New England. Over the years, I had an opportunity to work with many public schools, and my introduction to the Duxbury community was through this work many years ago.  I was immediately struck by the warm reception I received and the genuine interest in learning that the staff demonstrated. I also saw that the families and school worked together to set high expectations for the students, and over time, I saw the results of this partnership in the progress that the students clearly made. I remember thinking that I would LOVE to work in this community!  I am so pleased to be a member of the Duxbury Public School staff now, and every day I look forward to working with the children and families here!