The Social Studies Department offers courses designed to prepare students to be informed and involved citizens. Students must be prepared to deal not merely with the static information in textbooks but also with the barrage of information received in a changing and complex world. These goals are approached through the mastery of key concepts from the social sciences and development of the skills necessary for applying those concepts to the world in which they live. Through a curriculum that spans from ancient civilizations to more recent political developments, students apply the critical thinking skills learned in the Social Studies Department to better evaluate the world around them.
    Mr. Lewis Alberti - Curriculum Supervisor, Grades 6-12
    Mr. Michael Armandi - Grade 8
    Ms. Leah Grip - Grade 6
    Mr. Matthew Hurlbut - Grade 8
    Ms. Renee Pithie - Grade 7
    Ms. Tracey Roselli - Grade 6
    Ms. Caitlan Sheehan - Grades 7