Welcome to the 6-8 Middle School Mathematics Page!
    The 6-12 Mathematics program at Duxbury Middle School and High School is designed
    to offer equal opportunity to all students. It blends the basic skills necessary for college
    entry-level mathematics with the abstract, application with theory, and conceptual
    understanding. As students progress through their mathematical sequence, they are
    exposed to a myriad of mathematical skills, and are frequently presented with challenges
    that test their higher order thinking skills. Such skills include analyzing, predicting,
    learning through discovery, and making sound conclusions based on mathematics.
    Our approach to the teaching of mathematics is based upon the accumulation and analysis
    of several respectable sources. Professional development opportunities coupled with
    expertise and experience created the foundation for the department's teaching philosophy.
    Varied instructional techniques offer students opportunities to learn cooperatively,
    improve their sense of responsibility, and become self- motivated, knowledge- enriched
     Middle School Staff  High School Staff
    Julie Cook
    Chris Geary
    Melanie Hebert 
    Elaine Postler 
    Marylynn Sciretta
    Kayla Shannon 
    Jessica Sullivan
    Jared Chivers
    Aggie Coleman
    Kate Donovan 
    Tony Fisher
    Ryan Hall
    Brandon Josselyn
    Kathleen Mastrogiacomo 
    Meg Radzik
    Theresa Raftery
    Shawn Remy 
    Stephanie Wooley
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