Mrs. Burns 
     DMS/Team 6A/Reading 
    This year in Reading you will have the opportunity to further strengthen the language skills which you began developing when you were very young.  You became a reader the first time you picked up a book and you have been growing as a reader ever since.  As our year unfolds, I hope to help each one of you as you continue your journey toward the goal of being a life-long reader and lover of literature!!!  
    Below, I have done my best to think like a 6th grader (which years of experience with eleven and twelve year-old students has helped me to do:) !!) and I have created some questions that I thought you might have as you begin the new year... 
    1. What do I need for Reading???

    •Always bring a pen or pencil. your 3-ring binder (which will have a section labeled for READING!), your agenda and an AR book. (If you have all of these things...you are in great shape and will be prepared for class!)  
    2. How will I be graded???  
    Your grade in reading will be broken down as follows: 
    Assessments, tests, projects-50%
    •All writing assignments and projects will include a rubric when they are assigned.  This will ensure that clear expectations are given in order for you to successful.
    •Study guides will be given before tests. 
    •The parent portal will be open for your viewing at all times during the school year.  This will enable you and your family to have an accurate picture of your grades in Reading. 
    3.  Do we still read AR books and take AR tests??? 
    Yes...you are responsible for reading 2 AR books each term.  You may choose from the HUGE list of titles that are available to you through our web-based AR program.  If you need help selecting a book, I will be happy to assist you.  You will be required to take an AR test for each of the books that you read during the term.  Your scores on these tests will count as quiz grades.  If you take MORE than two AR tests in a given term, I will use your highest two scores.
    4.  Can we sit wherever we want in class each day?
    No.  I will make a seating chart and you will sit in table groups.  This will give you the opportunity to meet people you may not know yet!!! (HOW EXCITING!!!) Perhaps there is a new friend you did not even know just waiting to become an important person in your life.  More importantly than new friendships, (which are pretty important) is your learning.  My main concern is that you have a seat in our classroom that allows you to do your BEST and MOST FOCUSED learning.  This is what I will be thinking as I design a seating chart for your class!  Trust me...:)
    5.  What happens if I forget to do/bring my homework?
    I will NEVER yell or embarrass you if you should forget your homework.  After all, who among us remembers EVERYTHING, all of the time? 
    However, in order to give you an accurate and fair homework grade, it is my responsibility to keep track of your homework completion.  Therefore, if you come to class the day an assignment is due and have the work completed, you will receive a 100% in the homework column of my gradebook.  If you do NOT have the homework the day it is due, I will put a "0" in my gradebook for that assignment.  Not a big deal though...because if you bring it the very next day...I will replace the UGLY "0" with a 75% in the homework column of my gradebook.  If you hand in any assignment more than 1 day late, the most credit you will receive is a 50%.  Until you pass the missing homework assignment in to me, the "0" remains in my gradebook.  
    6.  Is there extra-credit in Reading?
    No...there really is no extra-credit.  My goal is to challenge each and every one of you based on your abilities as a reader.  My expectation is that you will complete all assigned work...and that all work that you do will be done to the best of YOUR individual abilities.  If you do all that I ask you to do, you will be very busy...:)
    HOWEVER...there are ways that I invite you to EXCEED my expectations!!!  When you EXCEED my expectations...there will be rewards!!!  I can't wait to tell you about them...:)
    7.  Can I stay after-school and receive extra help or make up work that I may have missed due to an absence?
    OF COURSE!  How great will it be to spend even MORE time together???  If you need help...I WANT to know about it AND see you after school.  The only day I cannot see you is TUESDAY.  On TUESDAY afternoons, I gather all students who like to RUN and head out onto the streets of Duxbury for DMS Running Club (Otherwise known as the BEST club at DMS).  Feel free to become a part of this club...and if you need help...stay with me Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday! (the other four days of our school week when I'm not running).
    8.  Will we do any projects or research papers in Reading class this year?
    YES!!!  I have several GREAT projects planned for us...I am excited to tell you about them when the time is right! We also do a fun research paper in the spring that will make you an EXPERT on a topic!!! 
    9.  Can I bring/eat snack during Reading?
    YES!  When you're hungry, you don't learn as well.  When I'm hungry, I don't teach as well.  Bring a snack (not a buffet) and a water to drink (the only drink that you are permitted to drink in any DMS classroom).  Chow down so that you can learn more.  If you learn as much as you eat, just think how smart you will be by the end of 6th grade!!!
    10.  Which class is the most exciting/entertaining/fun/memorable in 6th Grade?
    This seems like a silly question...but for those of you who are really not sure yet, IT"S READING!!!
    Even if you don't love reading...or even like it...give me the chance to change your mind!!!
    Can't wait to meet you!!!