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     Ms. Casale   
    Smart is not something you are.  Smart is something you get. (Jeff Howard) 
    July 10, 2018

    Dear Students & Families,

         WELCOME to DMS!  I created my teacher website for you to use throughout the year.  On these pages, you will find information about Team 6A school supplies and information, letter grades, rotating schedules, and your science class.  For convenience sake, I suggest you bookmark my teacher website, Schoology, and the Aspen Portal website on your home computers (tablets and smart phones too).

         Like some of you, I have lived in Duxbury my whole life (DHS ’90).  Except for when I attended Providence College (’94) and several years after that when I lived and worked in Boston.  I come from a big family and we spend lots of time together.  In my free time I hangout with my friends and their families, many of whom I grew up with right here in Duxbury.  I am getting married this September and anticipate my summer will be full of exciting times with my fiance and our families as we prepare for our wedding.

         I became a teacher in 2007 after working several years in accounting.  To become a teacher I went back to school and received a Master of Art in Teaching from Simmons College.  My first few years of teaching were spent at the Wampatuck Elementary School in Scituate.  Then one day in 2010, I bumped into my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Greenglass, and she told me about a teaching position at DMS.  I applied for the job and have been the science teacher on the A Team ever since. 

           This year in science you will work in lab groups, which will allow you to learn together.  You will share your ideas with your classmates and ask questions of each other.  You will use lab equipment like triple beam balances, graduated cylinders, and beakers.  You and your classmates will learn so many cool things.  For example, the cause of lunar eclipses, an ancient supercontinent called Pangaea, earthquakes, shifting continents and so much more.    Sixth-grade science is full of exciting activities, group projects, new ideas and new responsibilities.

         Students, remember learning doesn’t stop when you walk out of school at the end of the day.  What you learn is important, you can do it and I'll be there to help along the way.  Learning lasts a lifetime and requires your best effort.  I hope to pass on to you the desire and skills you need to be a life-long learner like myself. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Ms. Casale
    *Mrs. McCarthy as of September 8th