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     Welcome to Kindergarten
    Please note :Room 427 is a NUT FREE Classroom
    We are so happy to be part of your child's year in kindergarten. It is a very exciting year for you and your child. 

    Here are some simple guidelines that will help your child make a smooth transition to our kindergarten program:

    • Your child will need to bring a backpack or handled bag to school each day.  Please check this pack daily for notes and projects.
    • Comfortable clothing is the best choice for kindergarten attire. Please put your child’s name on all his/her jackets, backpacks, hats, mittens etc.
    • Any changes to your child’s normal dismissal plans have to be made in writing. If you plan to pick up your child from school, a note is necessary. This school policy is strictly enforced.
    • Your child should bring a small  nutritious snack and drink to school each day. Please include a napkin and any utensils your child might need. Students have the option to bring or buy lunch each day.
    • All toys and stuffed animals belonging to your child are best left at home.
    • All visitors (including students’ parents) must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass before visiting our room.
    • If your child is absent from school, he/she needs to bring a note explaining the absence upon returning to school.


    Housekeeping Tips for Kindergarten:
    • Remember to dress for the changing weather here at Chandler School.
    • Please be sure to send your child to school with warm outerwear .We will got out to recess even when the weather is cold.
    • Chandler policy dictates that without proper clothing, a child can't participate in outdoor recess.
    • It is helpful for your child to dress in layers. Sometimes, in the morning our classroom is chilly in the winter months.
    Snack and Lunch:
    • We will have a light snack in  the AM .
    • Please pack a small nutritious snack and drink for your child each day.
    • Please make sure your child knows the difference between his/her snack and lunch.  

    Birthdays :  

    Parents and teachers want to be able to recognize each child’s special birthday in a happy, safe and healthy manner. 

    We ask that no food or  treats be brought to school for the celebration .  Please distribute all birthday invitations outside of school. We will celebrate the special day and your child will receive a sticker, crown and birthday pencil. 
    This site will be the place for updates about our classroom and a place where students and families can share information.We hope you visit here often to learn about all the good things we are doing in Room 427. 

    We're looking forward to spending this year with your child. We will help him/her every step of the way.


    Mrs. Naton  and Mrs. Fawcett

    Morning Assistant:  Mrs. Govoni

    Afternoon Assistant: Mrs. Houston

     E Mail : cnaton@duxbury.k12.ma.us