•  I'm SO excited for a new school year! I look forward to meeting my amazing new students on the 2nd floor outside room 229 on August 28th! 

    Be on the look-out for a letter and an email but here's some good classroom information for quick reference :)


    Here are the things I like to be sure my students have for frequent use. Please do your best to have them within the first few days of school.

      * One 2 inch Binder (no larger please.) with 5 tabbed dividers and some lined paper inside.

      * Three 2-pocket folders, one must have holes to go in binder (Plastic are sturdiest and suggested. We can punch the holes at school if needed but make sure there’s no obstruction in the middle of the folder please.)

      * A good supply of sharp pencils and a few colored pens (not black) for correcting and editing.

      * A pack of colored pencils, a few highlighters, a few whiteboard markers and an eraser 

        (a scrap of cloth or sock/mitten works perfectly!)

      * A small pouch to hold the above. (Large pencil boxes with extra supplies need to stay out in cubbies.)

      * Earbuds or headphones labeled with your name

    I have the following in the classroom: crayons (packs of 8 are provided), scissors, some markers, post-it notes, and glue sticks. 

    -If you’re looking to donate extra supplies we can Always use tissues, antibacterial wipes for desks, & pencils! We also appreciate band-aids, glue sticks, and thick whiteboard markers!

    -If you have trouble getting anything let me know and I’m happy to help out! 



    Monday: P.E. (wear or bring sneakers!)

    Tuesday: Art

    Wednesday: Music

    Thursday: P.E. and Spanish

    Friday: Library

    11:30 -12:25: Recess then Lunch with fourth grade

    We will eat a snack mid-morning; try to make it mostly healthy please ☺ 

    You’ll also want to bring a water bottle each day to keep hydrated and minimize fountain trips.

    We team with Mrs. Rinkus; she will teach science!

    We will read every day in school, so be sure to have a great book (or two) with you at all times! 

    (I work hard to maintain a great classroom library but every reader is unique-I’m always looking to add to it!)



    (Sorry I just can't put a picture of myself alone!)  believe there is good in the world