• me and Skye
                                               Alden Gallery Grade 5 Exhibition, and Clay is the Way for 2020!
    The tree is a symbol of interconnectedness, growth, individuality, family, and peace! Grade 5 art students have created trees from mixed media of colored pencils, water colors, acrylics, and markers. . Following their Terrific Tangles, the trees continue line as an abstract/realistic illustration. The letter "Y" has been repeated in both possible areas of the tree designs. At last we are starting to design and form our cay projects in all grades! Grades3 will create pinch pots, grades 4 will be making coiled shapes, and grades 5 will be designing slab vessels. 2020 promises to be a fabulous year of wonderful art! It is with great pleasure we have successfuly represented every Alden students' art on Artsonia!
    Every child is an artist ! Art is all around us! We become the artist when we can find it and capture it for others to enjoy!
    Ms. Klein
    Nari Ward Mural