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                                                                                     Welcome to Alden Art 
    Welcome to our first exhibition in The Alden Gallery, outside the art room and on both walls towards the gym! The display consists of photographs of art created for the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. I found the exhibition so exciting I wanted to share it with my Alden students ! What a wonderful way to begin an inspirational year! As always we have many art experiences planned to explore all sorts of possibilities both 2 and 3D formats. Video conferences will be scheduled with The Smithsonian Art Museum in Washington! Artsonia, our virtual gallery will be offered to display student work for families and friends nationally and to provide an opportunity for communication with family who live afar. Our 3-D printer may also be offered to students during the year to further enhance their art! A professional exhibiting schedule for completed projects will continue in the gallery throughout the year. We plan to offer every avenue to provide the Alden art students a wonderful environment to create as they truly deserve. Every child is an artist ! Art is all around us! We become the artist when we can find it and capture it for others to enjoy! 
    Here's to a fabulous year! Volunteers are always welcome. Please come and visit our work and us working. The Lace Spirit Mural will be installed this year! Thank you to everyone who contributed laces and funds to make it possible! 
    Linda Klein
    Nari Ward Mural