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                                                                                         Art Is Always With you!
    Hi boys and girls! It's Ms. Klein here for you! During these times we are not able to be together in art class, I thought you might like some ideas to play with at home. Visit me here whenever you like and I will try to check in daily with something new to try. Remember you always have art. I'd love to keep in touch and share ideas together! If you like you could start by drawing anything you wish (Free Choice Drawing ) either from your imagination or something or someone around the house. Use whatever materials you like. Also check out the link at the bottom Art for Kids to Make. You can share your art with me or to just say hello if you like on my school email. Artsonia is another site you might like to visit to see your work, past and present and other sudents' work around the country. As I always say, every child is an artist ! Art is all around us! We become the artist when we can find it and capture it for others to enjoy!
    Warm regards,
    Ms. Klein
    Dear Art Club Knitters,
    Please don't worry about your knitting for the kangaroo pouches. Let's wait and see when it's safe to proceed. The baby kangaroos will need our knitting for quite a while. Let's hope we get back to lunch and recess at Alden Art Club soon!
    I wanted you all to know your art work, clay, weavings, tapestries and all your past work is safe in the art room. It's all waiting for us when we return! It wil be so wonderful to see you and your work again, hopefully soon! Know you can email me at lklein@duxbury.k12.ma.us about any concerns or just to say hi or to show me what you have been creating ! I promise to answer! 
    Hi boys and girls! Today I wanted to show you a colored pencil drawing a did of Koneko! As you can see, I just concentrated on his fur and facial area. Would you like to try drawing an animal from home, your pet, a picture you have, or an animal toy? I remember so many of you love animals as I do! It can be fun to look at them carefully and notice just how beautiful they are! I'd love to hear from you and see your drawing! Use anything you like to capture your pet's beauty!
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning boys and girls! My thought for the week-end is to have you think about creating art from your own Truely Free Choice! What would you like to make from what you have at home? Perhaps you want to create something from recycled materials such as foil from the kitchen or from a broken toy or game piece that inspires you! I would love to see what wonderful ideas might happen! So many times this year and past years, you have surprised me with such unique creativity!
    Let it happen! I am with you in spirit, now and forever!
    Ms. Klein
    Monday hello! I remember how tired we used to be on Monday mornings! Can't wait to see you again, Mondays and every day!
    Take a look at the top of the page my "Truely Free Choice" I created from scrap papers at home! Would love to see what you made!
    Lots of love,
    Ms. Klein
    Hi boys and girls! It looks like you are visiting me here, which I am so glad to see! Surprise me with a creative endeavor! Remember crazy hair, hat, and sock days?! Maybe we could do Crazy Art Day! What would you do? I am open for all sorts of artistic ideas for us to create together!
    Ms. Klein
    Good morning everyone! It's April Fools' Day and what fun we used to have! Let's continue to have that fun today! I wonder if you could fool me with your art? Maybe it looks like one thing but it's really something else?! Hope I hear from you and hope you see the "We miss you!"video. It will brighten up your day, no foolin'!
    Ms. Klein
    Hi Alden families! I hope you are well and adjusting to our new virtual times. Parents know that I am available for conferences. If you have questions about art and your child, you can email me. I am happy to follow up with a phone conversation as well. I am finding hearing a voice with a message is often comforting. 
    Ms. Klein
    Koneko Drawing!