Duxbury Middle School Summer Work
    This summer (2020) there are recommended assignments in all middle school science courses, as well as STEM and Technology Education (Tech Ed). Each course has a recommended assignment, as well as additional resources for exploration. 

    We want to position students to feel ready and able to begin the school year in their new classes. We are asking students to complete the assignment for the course they will be taking during the 2020-21 school year. Teachers will use the assignment as a way to introduce their course and as a springboard for course work this fall.


    Here is the link to the summer work for 2020. 

    Science and technology staff:
    Ms. Casale                         6th grade science
    Mrs. Adami-Barrett           6th grade science
    Mr. Sylvester                     7th grade science
    Mrs. White                         7th grade science
    Mrs. Nickles                       8th grade science
    Mrs. Sullivan                     8th grade science
    Ms. Valdez                           6-8 STEM 
    Mr. Kenney                        8th grade technology education