• Students make course selection on portal – March 26 - April 3 
    Teachers will make recommendation in portal prior to this date.
    2018-2019 DHS COURSE SELECTION FOR 2018-2019 FOR 8TH GRADERS GOING INTO 9TH GRADE: UPCOMING COURSE SELECTION EVENTS: Course offerings will be available in the DHS Program of Studies, which can be found under the Guidance tab on the DHS website.
    This link contain information about Grade 9 Placement requirements and possible science sequences at the high school level.
    Science and technology staff:
    Ms. Casale                         6th grade science
    Mrs. Adami-Barrett         6th grade science
    Mr. Sylvester                     7th grade science
    Mrs. White                         7th grade science
    Mrs. Nickles                       8th grade science
    Ms. Spagnoli                      8th grade science
    Mrs. Shay                           6-8 STEM 
    Mr. Kenney                        8th grade technology education