•  Darkroom Printing
    Advisor: Ms. Elizabeth Field
    Contact Information: efield@duxbury.k12.ma.us
    Meeting Day(s): Mon, Tues or Thurs, but days vary

    Times are typically: 2:45 - 4:30

    Meeting Time(s): Once a month 

    Meeting Location: The Film Photo room at DHS B210
    Schoology Group Join Code: X7NR9-M57V9
    About Us:

    The photo club offers students the opportunity to gather and discover the joys of photography. All students interested in joining must pay the activity fee by the second meeting (this payment can be made online through Unipay).  Ordering your own film and paper is recommended if possible. I suggest this company:  Freestyle @ 1800 292 6137. Members should have a working manual 35mm SLR. A point and shoot will work if you are only interested in learning to process film and print images.

    Members must try to be present for the full 2 hours of every meeting. It is required that all students clean up the classroom and darkroom after the meeting. Please read the handbook regarding eligibility for co-curricular activities!

    Member Rules:

    Maintain a certain GPA (see handbook)

    Pay activity fee

    May not miss more than 4 meetings

    All members must assist with fundraising

    Be respectful of others

    No food or drink in the darkroom or around chemistry

    Purchase your own black and white film: Plus-x, T-Max, or Tri-X

    We do not use C-41 film (this is a color film)

    Sign out when you leave the room during meeting times