Advisors: Ms. Melissa Hoppie & Ms. Christina Sergi
    Schoology Code: TXBN-CPKQ-Z6RTX
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    Inkblot is a literary magazine that showcases students' creative work. Students help to construct this magazine through a process of selection, proofreading, and artistically piecing the submissions together into one cohesive document. The magazine can include various forms of expression: poetry, photography, short stories, artwork, and graphic design.
    We would love to have you join the Inkblot team! Each year we publish two literary magazines that celebrate the creativity of the DHS community. If you join, you will be able to read enthralling bits of writing, view and analyze beautiful pieces of art and photography, and possibly submit your own work for publication! All grades and levels of expertise are welcome--we hope to see old and new members!
    View the latest issue of Inkblot here: Spring 2022
    View the previous issues of Inkblot here: