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  • Dear student and family,

    My name is Celine Mahoney and I will be your kindergarten teacher this year. I am so excited that you will be in my class! I hope you had a wonderful summer vacation and are ready to begin school. This year will be full of new learning experiences and discoveries.

    This will be my seventh year teaching kindergarten and my third year at Chandler.  I have taught kindergarten, first grade and reading but my heart is in kindergarten! My favorite things to do are read with my daughters, go for runs, and be with my family. I have a very silly dog at home named Gio. Do you have any pets? What do you like to do? You can email me if you want to share with me or you can tell me when we meet in person on September 1st!

    A few things to discuss about kindergarten to prepare for the first days of school are:

    • How you will arrive and leave school each day (bus, parent pick up, Junior Club).
    • If you will be buying lunch or bringing lunch from home. Menus are available on the Duxbury Public Schools website.
    • You will have a green folder that will go to and from school each day. It is very important to keep this folder in a safe place and check it each day for any important papers.
    • We will have a morning snack each day. Please label your child's snack and keep it separate from their lunch.  Please discuss options for healthy snacks and drinks that are easily managed by a five year old.

      Please have your child bring in the supplies listed below to be used throughout the school year.

    1 pair of headphones *ipad compatible (the ones that go over the ears seem to be more kid-friendly than earbuds)

    1 three ring binder (1 inch)

    1 hard pencil case [that can be wiped clean and fit the items below] (no cloth ones please)

    1 individual pack of crayons

    1 pair of student scissors

    1 extra mask in a labeled ziplock bag

    3 glue sticks

    3 sharpened pencils

    1 clean sock (to be used as a personal white board eraser)

    1 family photo no larger than 4x6  for classroom display 

    Please label all these supplies with your child's name.