• bienvenidos a español en Alden con Jared Collingwood (Profe) 

    Profe and his family in Peru


    Friendly Checkin with Alden Families - 

    Greetings friends and families. I recently have been working on adding to and making more available the bitmoji classroom resources page. I am linking it here for all students to be able to access those enrichement activities and resources. I hope they can be of help especially over the breaks from school for students that would like additional practice. As alwasy if you have questions or concerns please reach out at any time. Saludos a todos.


     - Profe


    Greetings Alden Families: Welcome to the 2021-2022 School year

    I will be adding a variety of additional resources throughout the year here and have linked my BITMOJI class page from last year here as it has TONS of great readings, activities, resources, vocabulary and other things we did thoughtout last year. It is a great place for anyone interested in doing outside activities in/about Spanish. I do my best to add information and things we do in School on my school insta - you can follow it for updates ALDENSPANISH...just remember I usually see your student 1x per week 


    Below you will find a variety of Activities from 2019-2020 School Year during COVID lockdown...I haven't removed them just in case....





    6-19-20 FELIZ ULTIMO DIA DE CLASES ALDEN - have a fantastic summer!

    Last day of school message and share from Profe

    6-18-20 Hola hola amigos y amigas. I hope you had a great day yesterday. I loved loved loved the reverse parade. I think that is something we should do every year! It was so great to see so many of you and get to wish you a happy summer break. Today and tomorrow I wanted to take some time to thank you and share a video of myself just talking with you about my first year at Alden. SO - NO WORK - I am just posting a video today and tomorrow about my first year and sharing some things that I loved about meeting you all and sharing time with you throughout your year. Have a great day and take a look at the video below.

    6-18-20 Profe message to Alden

    6-17-20 Happy Reverse Parade. I'm excited to see you today and hope you can make it to Alden. I will be there and look forward to seeing any and all of you. Today I have loaded a challenging activity for you. I figured it's our last week so go BIG or go...well you are already home, but anyway it is a great activity to practice more action verbs and using subject pronouns.

    Activitis w/ pronouns craft

    6-16-20 Hola Alden, ¿Cómo están? I hope you had a great start to your week. Tomorrow I am excited for the reverse parade and to get to see some of you. Today I am participating in the Book Tasting Event, which should be a lot of fun. I have 2 books that I am sharing, one that I really like and read recently and one I LOVED as a child. Below I have attached 2 links for images that provide vocabulary related to activities/hobbies. I know we have talked about the phrase ME GUSTA AND NO ME GUSTA for what you like and don't like. Use the verbs to describe to your parents what you like --> Me gusta and don't like --> No me gusta. You are able to form complete sentences and surprise your family with your level of Spanish. Follow my model: ME GUSTA LEER or NO ME GUSTA PINTAR

    Hobbies and Activities A

    Hobbies and Activities B

    6-15-20 Buena buenas Alden. I am so excited for your last week of school. Soon you will be enjoying your summer, running around, jumping in the pool playing at your house without a care or worry. I hope you will miss us all a little bit, but I know how hard you have all worked during this difficult time so you deserve som relaxation and fun in the sun. Today I am sharing a fun "I SPY" game in Spanish. I know that you don't know all the vocab, but I am certain you can still play it and have a great time. The links are available below. Print out the game board and cards and see what you can find, teach a parent or have an older sibling help you out. Have a great day. I hope to see you Wednesday at the drive by!



    6-12-20 Hope everyone had a great FIELD DAY yesterday. I know that I enjoyed seeing the pictures that many of you shared. Today I wanted to continue with our action/activities theme and share a verb checklist with you to see if you did any of these things yet and if not use it throughout the summer as a challenge for both things you can do and verbs you can learn. Have a great friday!

    checklist of summer activities

    6-10-20 Hola Alden - ¿cómo están? Today we are not reading our book as yesterday we finishd the last 2 chapters. If you didn't get a chance to see any of it, check out the links below to listen and see. Today I providing you are review activity related to actions. Tomorrow is FIELD DAY so what better way to get in the mood then focus on actions and verbs. Take a look at the below document, print it out and color it and identify the verbs the animals are doing. Each verb in Spanish that ends w/ "R" is an infinitive meaning it is it's purest form without a subject. So each verb means "to _____" for example hablar means "to talk" Have a great day!

    acciones activity

    6-9-20 Martes el 9 - Buenos dias amigos. I hope you had a terrific start to your week. I made a mistake yesterady and thought that we were on our last chapter today, but we had 2 more...so instead of reading just one today I went forward with both. So today we have chapters 7 and 8 for the end of our book Edi el elefante. I hope you enjoyed it and I have put a few questions in our reflection/share doc. Tomorrow we will have some different activities and switching gears from our book. Have a great day!

    Edi el elefante capítulos 7 y 8

    Edi el elefante reflect todos los capítulos

    6-8-20 Lunes con Edi el elefante capítulo 6: Today we are reading chapter 6 and only have 1 more chapter to go. This chapter is a bit different than the last 5 as it is not the similar pattern that we have seen. Take a look at the video and share some of your thoughts with the reflection log below. Have a great day and I hope your weekend was FANTASTICO!

    Edi el elefante capítulo 6

    Edi el elefante reflect capítulos 1,2,3,4,5 y 6

    6-5-20 VIERNES SI - FELIZ VIERNES...I hope everyone has had a great week and if not make today a great start to your weekend. I have completed and uploaded chapter 5 of our book and I will have a 2 follow up questions for you to consider today. Take a look at the video and reflection doc and enjoy!

    Edi el elefante capítulo 5

    Edi el elefante reflect capítulos 1,2,3,4 y 5

    6-4-20 Buenos dias - Feliz dia amigos y amigas. I hope you are ready for a nice warm day. I am planing on having a great day with my family and the weather and I hope you are too. Today I have read chapter 4 of Edi el elefante for you. I am only asking you to share any thoughts or reflections on my doc. You do NOT have to answer any questions, so take a look and write down some things you noticed or thoughts you have or even an activity you would like to do. Have a great day.

    Edi el elefante capítulo 4

    Edi el elefante reflect capítulos 1, 2, 3 y 4

    6-3-20 Alden amigos - today I have read and shared chapter 3 of Edi el elefante...It is starting to get more and more complex, but not too hard I don't think. I hope you have taken the opportunity to watch along and challenge yourself on the vocab and questions that I have been sharing. Have a great day and stay tuned for more tomorrow.

    Edi el elefante capítulo 3

    Edi el elefante reflect capítulos 1, 2 y 3

    6-2-20 Hola hola camaron con cola - I hope you are having a great day this beautiful Tuesday. Below I have a link to chapter 2 of our book Edi el elefante. I have added addtional questions or reflection vocab to think about that you can respond to. I hope you enjoy the video, have a great day and continue to check it out as we work through these chapters. It is a great book with some awesome vocab for us.

    Edi el elefante capítulo 2

    Edi el elefante reflect capítulo 1 y 2

    6-1-20 Junio junio oh I love you junio - It is finally here. June has arrived and we can't be happier that the weather is nice and we can enjoy our wonderful outdoor space. Today I have a short chapter of Edi el elefante that I have put together for you. You can access the link below. It is a book that I will be reading to you throughout the rest of the year and provide some activities and questions for you. Have a great day and FELIZ JUNIO.

    Edi el elefante capítulo 1

    Edi el elefante reflect capítulo 1






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