• bienvenidos a español en Alden con Jared Collingwood (Profe) 

    Profe and his family in Peru

    4-8-20 Hello everyone. I hope you had a great day with the sun and weather yesterday. I shared a video of the plans I had for the day. If you didn't get to see it check it out at the link below "what is profe doing today" it is fun. Today I did a book read for you and posted it on youtube and instagram. I think you will enjoy it, even though it is a little longer than normal. If you are able to pull any vocab from the reading, share them with me on the doc here. Sending my best wishes to you all. 


    4-7-20 Buenos días y espero que esten bien durante todo. Hoy va a ser un dia super bonito entonces salgan a jugar afuera, montar bicicleta o hacer algo en tu jardín. Oh sorry I guess I should update in English rather than Spanish, but I bet you can get a few of those ideas without looking them up, because you are super smart and know that there are some cognates and familiar words in there. Today I am including a video with a short response if you can to what my plan for the day is. I'm going to be talking in Spanish and asking if you can share what you think I will be doing in English on the doc here. Best of luck and have a great day!


     What is Profe doing today?

    4-6-20 Hola Alden amigos y amigas! I hope you had a good break from online school work sábado y domingo. The weather was finally nice and I was outside so I hope you were able to as well. I know things are hard to continue to work from home, but I know it is in our best  for the health of everyone, but I do miss seeing you each and everyday. Today I'm including an image with some frutas y verduras as well as a short writing to include what you "te gusta" y "no te gusta" Acess the doc here. Have a great day!


    frutas verduras abril some of these vocab words are unique to the country this is from...can anyone figure out which Spanish speaking country this image is from?



    4-3-20 Hello Alden! Writing this I am looking out my back window at the rain, wind and rather gloomy day that we have on this wonderful Friday. So, I am going to provide you a fun video that some of you may or may not have seen. Access this Sr. Wooly video here. As many of you remember I always ask you to use Spanish when asking to go to the bathroom so this is a good and funny practice for you. Best wishes, try to get outside even for a min and miss you all!


    4-2-20 I hope you had a chance to see the video "We miss you" If not check it out when you have a chance to see all your Alden teachers and staff members. Today I have an activity about weather and the countries that speak Spanish. I have attached it "here." You can download it and do as much as you can and share it with me or take a picture. I can't wait to see what you do. Have a great day!


    4-1-20 Buenos dias - I added a short video about fruits and vegetables this morning. I thought of sharing with you while I was making breakfast and figured I would just go for it. Here is the link to the video on youtube. Click "frutas y verduras" to access the doc and share some of your favorite frutas y verduras. Nos vemos


    3-31-20 Hola amigos y amigas. I hope you are having a great day. Today I have created a short video for you that I will post below. It is another ¿Dónde está Profe? I have a little message about the last one (where I was and some fun facts) as well as a new challenge. Post your replies on twitter, instagram or I will link a document here for you to guess where I am at in my new video. Take care and see you soon!


    3-30-20 I'm posting this Sunday, but it is our Monday update. I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the start of our week 3 new norm life with distance learning. I posted a new book read "Buenas Noches Luna" on twitter and will have it down below for your viewing pleasure. Today I will also be joining Ms. Riser in her zoom group. I was able to join Mrs. Cornella's class Friday and it was lots of fun. I will try to make it to everyone's class at least once while we are working from home. This week I plan on providing some additional opportunities to engage with Spanish including: more ¿dónde está Profe? videos, some relaxing coloring pages as well as perhaps a choice board to give you some options. More than anything I hope this message finds you safe, healthy and well. I miss you all very much and hope that I will get to see you soon. Best wishes!

    - Added an activity on my resources page/it is a printable word work activity with Spanish food words


    3-26-20 I hope you saw the video I left you reading my first book to you, if not take a look at it below - it has some great Spanish vocabulary. I added our new challenge ¿Dónde está Profe? today where I tell you about a place and you have to respond, tweet, instagram pic, email or reply with an answer. The first ever is below, see what you can do.

    3-24-20 Check out the delicious video of "Aji de Gallina" I posted below. Aji de Gallina is a traditional Peruvian dish that has been one of my favorites since first visiting Peru in 2005. Here is a link to my channel on youtube that I will be adding videos to frequently. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL3nwwL8P_KwxaQ8wXmpxOg/featured

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    3-22-20 In the resources page I recently added a few links for games and videos - I am planning on addings a youtube channel so that you can see me and get some Spanish from "Profe" - stay tuned.

    Nos vemos pronto Profe (Mr Collingwood)


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