MCAS Resources

  • Students and teachers can practice TestNav navigation and tools by using the TestNav tutorial or take practice subject area online MCAS tests at this webpage. No login is required. Students and teachers should go through the TestNav tutorial prior to the Infrastructure Trial on March 5th.

    All staff should have already tested their Pearson AccessNext (PAN) accounts for MCAS testing to make sure you can get into the MCAS site. 

    • If you have never had a DPS account in PAN, you received an email with your login information in January. The email may look like junk mail but it contains information you will need for accessing the online MCAS tests. For repeat users, your username is your email address. You create your password the first time you log in. Please test your username and password this week to make sure you can get into Pearson AccessNext. Choose Massachusetts from the drop-down menu. If you have difficulty logging in, please put a ticket into the Technology Support System. You have accounts in both the training site (brown banners) and the "live" testing site (blue banners). Your username and password is the same for both sites. 
    • Links for both of these sites are also in the Staff Technology Links webpage under the Faculty and Staff Top tab on our website.