• Welcome to Team 6B!

    Ms. Davey                    Ms. Madden

    Reading                       Writing

    B121                          B122


    Ms. Postler                  Ms. Adami-Barrett

    Math                             Science

    B132                             B137


    Ms. Grip                    Ms. Schultz

    Social Studies                    Special Education

    B130                           B131


  • Dear 6B Families:

    The following is a list of supplies that your children will need this year. Please make sure they have them no later than next Wednesday, Sept. 5th.

    All Subjects:

    • 1  3-inch binder (heavy duty)
    • Tab dividers for each section (at least 10)
    • Hole-punched loose-leaf paper
    • One package of sheet protectors
    • Colored pencils & a hand sharpener
    • Pencils (and erasers)
    • Pens (blue or black)
    • Pencil Pouch/Case
    • Erasers
    • Earbuds and a protective case


    • A 1 subject spiral bound notebook or lined composition notebook
    • A red pen


    • 3 large Elmer’s glue sticks


    • 2 colored grading pens (any colors except blue or black)
    • 2 Expo markers (kept in pencil case)
    • 2 highlighters (two different colors)


    • One lined composition book
    • ½-inch 3-ring binder

    Social Studies:

    • A full-size piece of poster board (not foam board/foam core) and not a half sheet.
    • 2 Ultra fine-line point black Sharpies

    Also, we would very much appreciate it if each child could bring in the following to his/her homeroom teacher during the first week of school: a box of tissues, a container of disinfectant wipes, a roll of paper towels, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.


    We are looking forward to a great year! Thank you for your support.



    The 6B Teachers