• Parent Website Links


    Aspen is a secure, view-only web-based school information management system that manages all facets of student data -- Attendance, Conduct, Grades, Health, IEPs and 504 Plans. Aspen is easy to navigate. We have adopted the use of the Aspen Family Portal so parents, teachers, and administrators can work together to communicate more effectively and efficiently so we all can focus on education.

    Blackboard Website

    Blackboard is Duxbury Public Schools' website. Parents can create an account on the district's website and sign up for alerts when pages on the website are updated.

    Securly 's Parent Portal

    The district utilizes Securly’s internet filter in compliance with the federally mandated Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). To be in compliance with the law, the district must protect all student Internet activity on our devices. Securly also allows parents to access a Parent Portal. This provides parents with the ability to view and/or receive weekly reports on their child’s online activity on their school-issued Chromebook outside of the school day. The portal also gives parents access to implement additional "parental controls" on their child's Chromebook in their home. To sign up for a Securly parent portal account, complete this Google Form.  Also, here is a link to Securly’s answers to frequently asked questions about their parent portal.


    Duxbury High School and Duxbury Middle School use Schoology as our learner management portal. Parents can use this Schoology Parent Guide to set up their Schoology account at Schoology's website



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