Welcome to the Bateman, Ball and Rossetti 
    4th Grade Team! 
    *See Monthly News for other important information/dates
    Bet you want to know this information:
      • An extra clean mask in backpack 
      • School supplies/binder
      • Everything LABELED with your child’s name (even pencils)
      • Charged Computers
      • Snack/lunch (if not buying)
    -Students are expected to wear a mask all day, with the exception of mask breaks which will take place outside when possible for short amounts of time and snack/lunch time.
    -Students are asked to have a back-up mask in backpacks. 
    -Switching with partner teams will not occur this year as social distancing must occur. No partner work or sharing of supplies will be permitted.

    -We will have a designated space at recess for our class to stay in. You will need to wear your mask for social distancing purposes.

    -Lunch is in the classroom.

     -PE class will take place outside, when possible. It will not be the traditional gym class as usual, but movement breaks and mindfulness activities will occur.


     - MOST IMPORTANTLY: 4th grade is going to be awesome! You have the best teachers who promise to make learning fun! We are all in this together!

    **Looking for your daily Zoom link: It's in our google classrooom and in Clever under Ms. Ball's/Mrs. Bateman page!**
    Alden Family Letters from Mr. E

    #2- https://mailchi.mp/duxbury/alden-family-newsletter-september-8-2020