Students enrolled in AP Social Studies classes will have a heavier summer workload. The AP test dates are set nationally to run in early May. Students in other regions of the country (Southeast, Midwest) typically begin the school year in early to mid-August. Thus, we want our students to have access to the full AP curricula. Work over the summer allows AP students to acquire and practice key foundational knowledge and skills.  We strongly recommend that students and families develop a plan at the start of the summer for the completion of the required work.  We do not recommend waiting until the last two weeks of the summer to start the required work. 

    For this summer, in addition to work assigned, all students entering Duxbury High School are required to read the following articles; Three Reasons This Time Is Different From Ferguson And three reasons why it’s not and Race is not DNA for discussion during the opening week of school with their instructors and peers. 

    For additional summer assignments please check the table below.  If you have any questions, please email Mr. Lewis Alberti, Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor at laberti@duxbury.k12.ma.us

AP Summer Work 2020-2021