All students enrolled in Honors or College-Prep World History II (Courses 111 or 112) should read ONE (1) of the following books.



    Robert Sharenow, The Berlin Boxing Club, (ISBN: 9780061579707)

    The Berlin Boxing Club


              “Sharenow delivers a masterful historical novel that examines racism through the eyes of both children and real historical figures. This story follows aspiring cartoonist Karl, a 14-year-old Jewish boy in 1930s Berlin who is on the receiving end of beatings from his Aryan classmates (Karl's cartoons and comics appear throughout). His father's friend, boxing champion Max Schmeling, agrees to train Karl as a boxer so that he can defend himself and his younger sister, Hildy. As the Nazi regime gains power and influence, it becomes clear that Germany will eventually not be safe for Karl and his family….” - Publishers Weekly

    Padma Venkatraman, Climbing the Stairs, (ISBN: 9780142414903)

    Climbing the Stairs


               “Venkatraman makes a memorable debut with this lushly evoked novel set in India during WWII. Fifteen-year-old Vidya is shocked and proud to learn that her appa (father), a compassionate doctor, has joined the "freedom fighters," who follow Gandhi's example of nonviolent protest against British rule. But tragedy strikes: during a rally Vidya's father is beaten nearly to death and left with severe brain injury. Because he can no longer practice medicine, the family is forced to move in with relatives, who treat them as servants…. More than a feisty Cinderella story (and yes, Vidya does find a prince), this novel vivifies a unique era and culture as it movingly expresses how love and hope can blossom even under the most dismal of circumstances.” – Publishers Weekly

    Candace Fleming, The Family Romanov:  Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia, (ISBN: 9780375867828)

    The Family Romanov


            “Fleming examines the family at the center of two of the early 20th century's defining events. It's an astounding and complex story, and Fleming lays it neatly out for readers unfamiliar with the context.…The secretive deaths and burials of the Romanovs fed rumors and speculation for decades until modern technology and new information solved the mysteries. Award-winning author Fleming crafts an exciting narrative from this complicated history and its intriguing personalities. It is full of rich details about the Romanovs, insights into figures such as Vladimir Lenin and firsthand accounts from ordinary Russians affected by the tumultuous events.…A remarkable human story, told with clarity and confidence.” – Kirkus Reviews

    Ying Chang Compestine, Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party, (ISBN: 9780312581497)

    Revolution is Not a Dinner Party


            “It's 1972 China, and nine-year-old Ling is the child of two doctors. Life isn't perfect, but Ling is happy, excels at school and loves studying English with her father. Everything changes with the advent of Chairman Mao's regime. Luxurious items like flowered fabrics and pastries disappear. Anything associated with the West becomes suspect. Then a political watchdog moves into the family's apartment. Their upstairs neighbors, the Wongs, are denounced and arrested; Ling's parents are demoted; and the family lives in fear about the future….This child's-eye view of the Chinese Cultural Revolution is ultimately a tale of survival; lyrical yet gripping, accessible and memorable, it's based on the author's experiences. Certain to inspire discussion about freedom and justice.” – Kirkus Reviews